Key Learning Objectives

  1. Key insights on the Aerotropolis concept and its impact on the growth and development of Western Sydney
  2. Understanding how airport cities facilitate competitiveness and accessibility and drive economic growth and investment
  3. Integrating business, urban, airport and surface transport objectives to amplify economic growth and fuel development
  4. Evaluating opportunities for opening new markets, jobs growth, housing, urban development and economic growth at a local level
  5. Creating a multimodal transport hub to accelerate development of the Aerotropolis and facilitate seamless connectivity between the airport and major commercial nodes
  6. Analysing characteristics of well-planned polycentric cities and highlighting major job centres around Badgerys Creek airport 
  7. Developing strategies to encourage cross-industry collaboration and improving outcomes of public-private partnerships
  8. Projecting future local, regional, and national economic growth as a result of the Aerotropolis

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